Breaking the stupid mold

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4 out of  4 stars 

Stop Living an Ordinary Life When You Were Meant to be Extraordinary 

In this book, you will learn how to: 

  • Identify and overcome the subconscious blocks dictating your life 
  • Breakaway from limiting beliefs
  • Stop behaviours that are self-defeating and self-sabotaging 
  • Turn your most difficult challenges into your greatest rewards 

"Breaking The Stupid Mold is thought provoking and inspiring. A must read!"

-Tony Little, fitness icon, hall of fame inductee, business entrepreneur with over 50 million customers, and author of There's Always a Way: How to Develop a Positive Mindset and Succeed in Business and Life. 

"One of the most insightful add soul-searching books you'll ever read. Tania's work will open your heart so you can honestly, truly, live your best life ever."

-Jacqui Stafford, style expert and best-selling author of The Wow Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget. 

"A poignant and practical book to get you back on the road to your best self. Tania's beautiful and candid honesty about her own struggles lends a special and heartwarming authenticity." 

-Jaqueline Bradley, International TV personality, women's coach and author of The Bombshell Bible: The Only Makeover Book for Style and Soul. 

"A very powerful piece of work that is filled with insightful, wise, courageous and inspirational lessons. A true breakthrough book because Tania's vulnerability in sharing her story is a gift to the world and everyone who reads it is better for it!" 

-Dr. Gillian Mandich, PhD

Book Review: 


4 out of  4 stars 

Breaking The Stupid Mold by Tania Kolar is a book that inspires readers to rise above limiting thoughts and take control of their lives. In this book, Kolar reveals some of her most painful memories and relates how she succeeded in regaining her sense of self worth that she had completely lost somewhere along the way. This book will open your eyes to the simple yet powerful ways that can be adopted to move beyond limitation and challenges and build a life of greatness for yourself, which is something you rightfully deserve.

I was sucked into the book right from when I started reading it. Breaking The Stupid Mold shares highly inspirational and motivational content and information that you won’t find anywhere else. The author—in this book—shares everything you need to do in order to not be defeated by challenges in life. She shares her insights on how we can put an end to the journey along the road to negativity, roping in the powers of our intuition and making the most of the support and guidance of the Universe.

The examples of incidents from her life that the author shares with us to help us relate to her life lessons are incredible. In her writing, she follows the approach of sharing how she built some limiting beliefs for herself over the years, followed by how she came to the root of those beliefs in order to get over them.

Kolar omits no details and pours her heart out into this book in a wonderful effort to resonate with her readers who might have missed the benefit of having a mentor who could point them in the right direction and lift them out of the rut they were stuck in. 

She brings in a lot of the teachings from the law of attraction as well and creates something called an affirmitude—the powerful combination of gratitude plus affirmation that is designed to make us take action, confront emotions, and regain control of our lives. She also offers an entire chapter of affirmitudes that we can leverage for different situations in our life. She asks some hard-hitting questions that help us identify where we lack in self-esteem and shares some techniques, such as the ACT (Accepting Compliment Technique), to help us recognize our own value. Taking all these points into consideration, I rate this book 

4 out of 4 stars.

Anyone who is looking to identify the obstacles they have created for themselves and then successfully let them go will enjoy reading this well-compiled book. The details included by the author and her easy to understand language are incredible and succeed in peeling off layer after layer of negative conditioning we have subjected ourselves to over the years. You will understand why forgiveness is not giving in or giving up but is, rather, enabling love to replace the negativity in your life. Many of us who have never stumbled upon gratitude practices and believe them to be a passing fad may flinch when we read the author’s thoughts about how gratitude and affirmations are the most important things we need to help us elevate our life; however, once done reading the book, it will be difficult for any of us to deny the verity of the knowledge she imparts.